Rigid Boxes

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  • Christmas Cake & Vine Bottle Set Box

    Code :RB-004-081503

  • Scribbling Paper Holder

    Code :RB-010-040303

  • Partioned Box for Marble Showpieces

    Code :RB-009-080703

  • Home Made Chocolate Box

    Code :RB-011-070501

  • Sweet Box with Hand Painted Image

    Code :RB-001-090702

  • Sweet Box for a Wedding

    Code :RB-014-080703

  • Chocolate Invitation - Inclined Box

    Code :RB-003-070502

  • Multi-Purpose Box

    Code :RB-008-090301

  • Traditional Theme Printed Box

    Code :RB-013-080703

  • Box for Marble Artifact

    Code :RB-007-070302

  • Baby Pink Gift Box

    Code :RB